Being a Client

Are you frustrated by:

review sites you can’t trust?

an unexplained drop-off in trade?

high staff turnover?

Most successful retailers understand that mystery shopping is an essential part of maintaining customer service standards, brand value and a competitive advantage.  Hospitality businesses are no different.  Join hundreds of operators who have discovered how effective and empowering mystery guest programs are.

understand what your customers really think

rapidly identify costly bad practice and damaging behaviour

motivate and incentivise your team

increase standards, productivity and profit

All Invisible Guest programs are specifically designed by us with your business in mind, and are based on over 30 years' hands-on experience of the hospitality industry.  Find out more

We want to form strong, supportive relationships with our clients, and we want our partnership approach in helping businesses refine and grow their operations to always exceed expectations.

Our mission

  • to help hospitality and tourism operators build sustainable and profitable businesses
  • to become the leading Australian mystery guest company specialising in the hospitality and tourism industry
  • to be the market leader in program methodology and innovation
  • to deliver class-leading commentary and reporting

Our values

  • we listen to our clients, understand what they want, and create programs tailored to their specific requirements
  • we do what we say we're going to do, on time and within budget
  • we maintain the highest professional standards of discretion and confidentiality and provide honest, unbiased feedback and advice when asked
  • we look after our people, and act at all times with integrity